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Traditional Chinese Healing provides the Treasure Coast community in its quest for natural healthcare by providing an integrative and holistic approach to healing, combining the art of traditional Chinese medicine and alternative medicine with the latest medical technology to promote the body’s natural healing, thus returning individuals back to their full life!

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The core of this ancient medicine is the philosophy that Qi (pronounced “chee”), or life energy. Qi helps animate the body and protect it from pain and disease. A person’s health is influenced by the quality, quantity and balance of Qi – the vital life force that flows throughout the body.

Nutritional Wellness

Do you feel like you can’t keep up with the latest nutrition news because it’s always changing? While it’s true that what is known about nutrition and diet is evolving, there are some nutrition basics you can keep in mind; and you’ll be better equipped to sort through the latest research and advice.

Integrated Holistic Therapies

To augment the healing response, natural state-of-the art conventional treatments are often integrated with traditional Chinese medical therapy. Enhanced health benefits are achieved when ancient medical wisdom is combined with holistic modern technology.

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About Doctor Shipe

In 2002, Dr. Shipe graduated as an acupuncture physician from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando. He completed postgraduate residency training at the International School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China and the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai. Dr. Shipe received diplomate training in clinical nutrition certified through the University of Miami School of Medicine and completed his doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon.  Dr. Shipe with his experience as a fully trained Acupuncturist with advanced studies in Alternative Medicine and Holistic Therapy brings a wide array of skills to his Holistic Medicine practice and his patients benefit from his Integrative Medicine approach.


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I have received multiple requests from patients for acupuncture treatment.  In following CDC, federal and State of Florida orders, the following policy and procedures have been implemented in considering the patient’s benefits and risks of urgent, emergency care in my clinic.

To limit the exposure of patients and health care personnel to viral illness, only those patients with non-viral, acute health conditions with severe symptoms that put the patient’s immediate health, safety or well-being at risk will be treated with acupuncture.  Acupuncture treatments for chronic conditions, corrective or maintenance care should be postponed until local, state and federal governmental orders for healthcare practitioners and shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted.

The office will continue to perform initial consultations, evaluations, and examinations via telemedicine on a medium such as Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or other telemedicine platform.  Herbal and nutritional medicines may continue to be picked up at the office in the front reception area or mailed.

Office Policy and Procedures:

Patients will be screened for respiratory symptoms upon confirming appointments for treatment.  The patient may report temperature monitoring by phone.

Upon entering the office, patients will be requested to complete and sign a screening questionnaire for potential viral exposure and have their temperature checked.  Any patient with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infections will be asked to leave the premises and seek biomedical urgent care.  Suspected symptoms would include but not limited to fever, cough, shortness of breath, persistent pain or pressure in the chest.

Patients will be required to utilize alcohol-based hand sanitizer and don facility-provided facemasks when entering clinic to encourage respiratory hygiene for protection the duration of their visit.

Patients will be isolated to separate treatment areas that include private rooms.

The patient will only have immediate contact (within 6 feet) with the physician thus limiting the number of staff providing care.

Progress notes for patient documentation will be left in the individual treatment rooms.  The notes should indicate symptoms of an acute health condition requiring immediate attention.

Patients will be asked to present to the office at their scheduled treatment appointment time.  If arriving early, patients will be asked to wait in their cars until their appointment time.

Patients will not be allowed to loiter in the medical office reception area before or after their treatment.  If herbal medicine is prescribed, it will be placed on a table next to the front door for pick-up.  Patients are to call the office 2-3 days prior to their office visit for herbal or nutritional product refills.  Payment for products or services provided in the office will be collected in advance.  Personal checks or cash may be used for payment by leaving at the front desk.

Best of health,
Dr. Stuart Shipe