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Nutrition Education

Do you feel like you can’t keep up with the latest nutrition news because it’s always changing? While it’s true that what is known about nutrition and diet is evolving, there are some nutrition basics you can keep in mind. By knowing these nutrition basics, you’ll be better equipped to sort through the latest research and advice. Mastering the nutrition basics comes down to understanding the food groups and becoming more aware of calories and the roles that specific nutrients play in a healthy diet.

Want to go beyond the nutrition basics? Talk to Dr. Shipe for personalized dietary advice that takes into account your health status, lifestyle, and food likes and dislikes.


Clear Change Detox

The Clear Change® 10-Day Program featuring UltraClear RENEW is designed to enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities—providing energy and support for overall well-being. Many people benefit from completing a 10-day metabolic detoxification program two to three times a year.*

Metabolic detoxification is a natural bodily process that consists of 3 major detoxification pathways: Phase I (functionalization), Phase II (conjugation), and Phase III (antiporter activity). In this process, fat soluble compounds must undergo transformation and become water-soluble before they can be excreted.

The 10-day program is ideal for anyone wanting to benefit from an occasional “Spring Cleaning” or somebody who eats a reasonably healthy diet, exercises regularly, and manages stress adequately.

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Clear Change & UltraClear Renew


The OmniCleanse Detoxification Program reaches deeply harbored toxins and facilitates their complete elimination. Since detoxification is a multi-step, multi-system process, single-system approaches can fail to address certain toxic build-ups or even worse, cause detox pathways to get clogged or congested along the elimination route.

OmniCleanse DETOX

21-Day Detox

21 Day Detox bottles

How do you determine your toxic load? You toxic load is the amount of toxins that your body needs to process. Answer these simple questions to determine your personal toxic load.

  • Do you or have you eaten processed foods?
  • Do you eat nonorganic fruits and vegetables?
  • Do you eat meat and poultry that are not free range?
  • Do you consume genetically altered food?
  • Do you or have you ever used artificial sweeteners?
  • Do you drink soda?
  • Do the foods you eat have preservatives, additives, dyes, or sweeteners added?
  • Do you eat fast foods and/or eat our regularly?
  • Do you charbroil or grill foods?
  • Do you drink alcohol?
  • Do you drink tap water?

The 21-day Standard Process Purification Program helps patients purify, nourish, and maintain a healthy body weight. With four different kits, you can target each patient’s needs with the right cleanse. The program gives you a structured plan for purifying, nourishing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Along with standard process supplements, you’ll support your major organ systems with the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients found in whole foods. In addition, this program will help you maintain a consistent healthy weight. When you’ve completed the 21-day purification program, you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel! You’ll learn how to transition to a new, healthful way of eating that will continue your journey toward looking and feeling your best for a lifetime. A critical part of Natural Healing.

If the majority of your answers are “yes,” then it is likely that your diet contributes significantly to your toxic load. Beyond diet, many external toxins, such as perfumes, cleaners and pollution, all add to your load. This plan is intended as a simple guideline that you and Dr. Shipe can modify to fit your individual needs. You have so many choices that each day can be an adventure in tasting new foods and learning to eat for better health.

Are you hungry for good health? Now you can live your life in high resolution with this purification program! Experience the benefits of helping your body cleanse with the Standard Process Purification Program. The purification program combines a generous menu of whole foods with supplements that support the body’s ability to remove naturally occurring toxins. This promotes a state that allows for toxin release.*

Naturally occurring toxins that build up in the body can contribute to:

  • A stuffy feeling in the head
  • Fatigue or difficulty sleeping
  • Indigestion and other temporary gastrointestinal upset
  • Food cravings and weight gain
  • Reduced mental clarity
  • Low libido

Much more than a cleanse diet, the Standard Process Purification Program is a structured program that combines whole food eating with supplements, nutritious supplement shakes and light exercise. The menu includes an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits for the first 10 days with select proteins added on day 11. Elements of the program include a new One Degree of Change: A Guide to the 21-Day Purification Program cookbook with easy and healthy recipes for purification. Attention to the details of diet and the types and qualities of our foods has become a significant part of Holistic therapy and alternative medicine.

When you’ve completed the 21-day purification program, you’ll transition to a new way of eating to feel your best based on enjoyable, healthy food. Benefits can include:

  • Improved weight management
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Better digestion
  • Less bloating
  • Clearer skin
  • Shinier hair
  • Better sleep
  • Clearer thinking
  • Better management of challenges related to natural toxin load in the body

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