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The Foundation for Wellness Professionals provides educational and informative workshops that are available on a variety of topics. These workshops are presented at no charge for your company, group, club or organization.

FREE Health and Wellness Lecture Series

Foundation for Wellness Professionals / Traditional Chinese Healing
Peak Performance Workshop

Learn what’s holding you back! Learn and understand winning techniques that help eliminate fatigue, improve performance and reduce risk of injury.

The 5 Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss while Looking and Feeling Young

Learn why diets don’t work, why eating fat doesn’t make you fat, what hormone is out of control in your body, how you can reduce your chance of breast cancer by 40%, how to regain your energy and vitality and much, much more!

Stretch Your Way to Good Health

Learn how a stretching program can minimize strain and stress, increase energy and performance, prevent fatigue and significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Staying Fit While You Sit

Ideal lecture to prevent stress related injuries. Participants will learn how serious injury can occur even though you sit, exercises that can help cure or prevent various health problems, the do’s and don’ts of preventing white collar injuries and the non-surgical approaches that are effective in relieving pain.

Trigger Points

You can learn how to relieve pressure in certain areas on the body, reduce pain and improve your health through this lecture. Participants will learn how pressure points create pain throughout their body and simple strategies to relieve pain and improve health.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Participants will learn early warning signs of carpal tunnel, exercises that can help cure or prevent various health problems, the do’s and don’ts of preventing carpal tunnel syndrome and non-surgical approaches that are effective in relieving pain.

Solutions to Stress

This lecture allows the participants to discover how stress affects the body and simple things they can do at work or home to reduce the negative effects of stress.

Natural Solutions to Headache Pain

A must for those that suffer from recurring headaches as well as other physiological conditions like dizziness, numbness or tingling.

The Causes and Cures of Low Back Pain

A must for the prevention of injury including strains, sprains, sciatica, disc problems and degeneration.

New Solutions for Fibromyalgia

Understand the neurological and physiological causes of this baffling disease. This lecture has emphasis on chronic muscular pain, fatigue and depression and its effect on the body.

Asthma, Allergies and Sinus Problems

An estimated 15 million people in the U.S. suffer with asthma and millions more have sinus troubles. Attend this educational workshop and learn how to reduce the symptoms of asthma and sinus problems. Discover how stress affects your breathing and how to prevent stress problems. Learn about natural solutions to help you reduce your sensitivity to environmental irritants.


Participants will learn early warning signs of arthritis, exercises that can help cure or prevent various health problems, the do’s and don’ts to minimize the progression of the disease and non-surgical approaches that are effective in relieving pain.

Natural Solutions to Digestive Problems

Participants will gain an understanding of the causes of digestive stress, constipation, irregularity, ulcers and colitis and the drug-free approach to wellness.

A Drug-Free Approach to Learning Disorders

Learn more about the latest research and non-drug alternatives to help improve behavior and performance with learning disorders such as ADD or ADHD.

Balancing Hormones Naturally

This workshop gives participants not only a complete understanding of the cause of symptoms that occur during PMS and their menopause but also their solutions via diet, vitamins, exercise and stress reduction.

Superfoods for Immune Health

A holistic approach to treating chronic disease with natural alternative methods. If you suffer from frequent colds, chronic fatigue, headaches, weight troubles, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, skin disorders, arthritis or inflammation, learn how to use whole foods as medicine.

Qi Gong Exercise – Ancient Chinese Healing

Would you like to be pain free, increase energy, lose weight, improve your mood and self-esteem, feel younger, improve flexibility, reduce stress, tone your body and improve your balance? Learn how to heal the body naturally using Qi Gong Exercises.

Preventing & Improving Type 11 Diabetes Naturally

Would you like to increase energy, lose weight, control blood sugar, reduce drug use, save your vision, avoid neuropathy and fully enjoy life? Learn how to heal naturally with this workshop!

How to know if Your Children Are on Drugs

Children are more vulnerable today than ever before with the high risk of becoming involved with drugs that could destroy their lives and their families. And now, with prescription drugs becoming more easily accessible, it has become “the easy high”, second only to marijuana as the most prevalent drug used by children in America. This presentation gives factual data and solutions to parents by educating them about illegal drugs, alcohol and prescription drug abuse, while also showing them what they can do about their children’s drug use and how you can assist them with this very serious problem.

Corporate Wellness

This isn’t just a program that handles health problems after they happen, but rather, it is also a prevention of what could happen to employee health, such as problems with obesity, stress, ergonomics, and other common aliments associated with work-related injuries and how this impacts a company’s bottom line costs. This program educates the employees, consults and screens them, and includes a custom treatment program.

Three Solutions to Your Health Problems

With this presentation you not only get a complete understanding of illness but also the solutions, first by educating them on what is going on with their health, and then how you can use acupuncture, cleansing and nutritional supplements to prevent and eliminate the causes of disease.

The Biomechanics of Auto Injury

This presentation educates attorneys about the mechanics of car accidents and whiplash injuries and then presents unique treatment solutions for personal injury cases. Dr. Shipe uses a unique method of teaching by using a series of true or false questions to reveal to the audience the true depth of damage that can be created by a whiplash injury and how recovery can be hastened and improved through natural healthcare methods.

Getting Back to the Basics of Human Nutrition

This presentation will educate the audience about how the body and metabolism works, why most diets don’t work, the true value of being healthy and fit, how food, water, and medication play a role in their health and how pain limits a person from achieving their full health potential.

Detoxification Cleanse Class

After listening to Dr. Shipe’s lecture on how to detox your body from toxins, you will have a better understanding of weight management and what you can be done about it. The program is based on reversing a terrible trend in our bodies to store unnecessary fat due to a high glycemic diet, high fat diet or the bodies attempt to neutralize toxic chemicals by surrounding the chemicals with fat and water.

Functional Medicine – The Answer to Your Health Problems

If you have been to other doctors in the past or tried solutions on your own and your health problems still persist, then you have not found the true cause. Dr. Shipe’s job is to find what you and the others might have missed. During this lecture we will discuss just how we do this.

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) originated in ancient China and has evolved over thousands of years. TCM practitioners use herbs, acupuncture, and a family of procedures that originated in traditional Chinese medicine. In the United States, TCM is considered part of complementary and alternative medicine; however, the Chinese have been using this primary healthcare method for over 3,000 years.


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The Foundation for Wellness Professionals (FWP) is an association of healthcare professionals who have volunteered their time to help prevent disease and improve health of their communities. It was originally founded in 1985 by Dr. David Singer, M.S., D.C., who is a published author and authority on preventative healthcare and has been educating healthcare professionals for over 25 years. This national, volunteer, non-for-profit foundation operates through independently-operated chapters across the United States and Canada. The Foundation for Wellness Professionals is incorporated as an official professional association with the State of Florida (N03000002637), and has 501 (c)3 non-profit status.

Our volunteers are healthcare professionals who devote their time as speakers on a variety of health topics from weight loss to handling digestive problems, hormone imbalance, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and numerous other health problems. Their purpose is to help prevent disease and to give their audience practical, useful information that they can use to alleviate their problems. Volunteers also provide wellness screenings, stress screenings and numerous other programs to assist their communities to maintain their health. All seminars and workshops emphasize preventative care as the key to good health. Workshops and seminars can vary in length from 45 minutes to an hour. Audience participation is strongly recommended when possible, and those who attend always leave with practical information they can put to use to improve their health.

All FWP volunteers firmly adhere to the principal that the most significant way to reduce healthcare cost is to educate the public on ways to maintain their health and prevent disease.

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